Private Treaty Sale
2 Paper Making Lines

Instructed by the new owner of Hollins Paper Mill

Location: Hollins Paper Mill, Hollins Road, Darwen, BB3 0BJ, United Kingdom

Sale Currency: GBP

Inspections: Strictly by appointment contact
Derek Sadler, +44(0)7785 221 758 or
Charles Moses, +44 (0)7831 854 971


The Plant was in production up to September 2012 and is currently configured for the manufacture of 100% recycled paper on two lines, line 1 having a top & bottom wire for the production of white top & liner papers. Speed Range 520-350M/min, 180-125GSM, deckle at slice 3200mm, deckle at reel 2850mm, producing 170-200 Tonnes/per day continuous, line 2 being single ply only. Speed Range 280-400M/min, 80-200GSM, deckle at reel 2200mm, producing 80-100 Tonnes/per day continuous.

Both paper machines have Valmet Dematic XDI systems which run motor stop/start functions including flows, pressure, temperature and level controls within the mill. The paper machines and stock preparation are well supported with documentation and spares. The plant has been maintained on a regular basis

De-Ink Stock Receiving Bay with two 1.5M x 24M inclined waste conveyors to pulpers.

White Line
Lamort S/S pulper, 22.5M3 capacity with bottom rotor HC, 350kW gearbox drive, 18% consistency (1993), Lamort Poire Model 3 secondary pulper with 6mm holes, 5% consistency on discharge to two 40M3 (approx.) chests (T2 & [T3 with side entry agitator]), Comer DPA40 high density centrifugal cleaner with pneumatic timed rejects (1994), two Lamort CH5 screens & Lamort CHN5 screen each 45kW with 4mm holes, Lamort Diablo Model 1 screen (out of use) , two 40M3 (approx.) S/S pulp chests.

First Stage De-Ink
Lamort Verticell Model 4 S/S de-inking cell, 560M3/hr, 7T/hr capacity at 1.2% consistency, with double & counter aeration pumps, low vacuum sludge removal fan, cell accept tank & white water silo.

Thin Stock De-Ink
Lamort SPN12 S/S pressure screen with 0.15mm slots (1993), Lamort CHA5 tailing screen 45kW, with 0.15mm slots, Voith C bar baskets. Greenson & Waite drum thickener for de-ink pulp, 5.5M x 1.8M dia. with direct drive manifold & rubber couch roll, S/S tank (T12) 40M3 capacity with side entry agitator. Valmet EL consistency

Maule kneader dispersion system, 6T/hr with 6 inclined de-watering screws & de-watering screw into 1000 C unpressurised steam heated kneader. Dispersed stock chest with side entry agitator.

Post Dispersion De-inking
Lamort Verticell Model 4 S/S de-inking cell, Voith drum thickener with feed manifold, 4.5M x 1.5M dia. & rubber couch roll, 480M3/hr capacity at 1.2% consistency. S/S tank (T22) 40M3 capacity with side entry agitator. Valmet EL consistency Top Wire feed chest with top mounted agitator unit. Recirculation chest, two Beloit 3000 series 26” dia. refiners, auto gear loading, Voith Model 20 0.35mm dia. top wire pressure screen, Voith KS160 three stage low density cleaners, Kyjuanimcai EL consistency with tertiary ‘rejectomatic’ cleaner. De-ink pulp brightness 88-90

Brown Line
Jylhavara roll splitter, 2500mm x 1250mm dia. FLT loaded roll.
Sicma wire baler for pulp bale wires. Floor level feed conveyor from FLT
BCI pulper, 16’ dia., D section mild steel tub with S/S liner. No. 3 gearbox drive.
Voith Trashex for pulper rejects, external trommel, dirty chest.
Voith ATS 21 turbo separator high density cleaner with 2.6mm holes – rejects to:
Voith 1000 4mm hole vibrating screen, S/S refiner chest with side entry agitator.
Valmet EL consistency
Voith SDM 30” disc refiner. S/S chest with top mounted agitator. Kyjuanimcai EL consistency
Two BCI 36p S/S pressure screens with 0.2mm slots, primary rejects to:
BCI P24 selectifier, secondary rejects to Esher Wyess RS2B reject sorter (1989) Six Bauer 623 (5 x primary + 1 secondary) low density cleaners, 1217L/pm, 0.8% consistency. Palmac tertiary cleaner, 1000L/pm at 0.8% consistency.

Paper Machine Line 1 (PM1)
Top wired for the production of white top & liner papers. Cylinders rated 100 psi, 520-320 M/min, 180-125 gsm. Deckle at slice 3200mm, Deckle at reel 2850mm, right hand sectional DC drive. Basement designed machine producing 170-200T/day

Top Wire Approach Flow
Twelve Voith KS160 cleaners in 3 stages (7 in stage 1, 4 in stage 2, 1 in stage 3+ fibre saver) Voith Size 20 pressure screen with 0.35mm slots. De Zurick basis weight control.

Top wire (1981)
Voith Jetmaster commander flowbox. Pressure equilizing tank, slice 3150mm, manual slice adjustment, 25 micro adjusters. The wire section is cantilevered.

Breast roll 514mm dia., rubber covered, forming board stainless with ceramic cover, low vacuum suction foils, rubber covered forward drive roll 514mm dia., stainless steel trim handling system, couch tail cutter, wire cleaning high pressure: Permajet system. Thune auto wire guide. The top wire runs in opposite machine direction.

Bottom wire
Stainless wire frame cantilever type. Voith Duo shake motion (2003). KMW pressurized flowbox with ABB auto slice control, two driven evenor rolls, breast roll with Voith lubrication system (2003), forming board stainless with polyethylene top, Johnnson gravity foils in stainless with polyethylene tops. Low vacuum foils in stainless steel with 3 ceramic foils each, complete with vacuum fans and CH Johnnson auto vac with two control systems. High vacuum boxes in stainless with two ceramic foils each. Vacu foil box with six ceramic foils. Suction box with PTFE cover. Nordisc Dandy roll 1200mm dia., NEF wire dandy frame including shower and drive, Schwark auto wire guide. Suction couch roll 762mm dia.. Forward drive roll 500mm dia.. All wire rolls covered with Glatex covers. Electric wire stretcher. Wire centres from breast roll to suction couch: 16 m. High and low pressure showers.

Press section
Suction pick up with suction roll in first press and plain press pneumatic loaded in the second press. Under machine pulper

Drying sections
Dryers are on A/F bearings with auto lube system. Dryers with some on gear drives and other felt driven. Central lubrication systems. 28 dryers before the size press. 1500mm dia. with bolted ends, Thune felt guides, Judd felt stretchers. Sheehan rope feed. Valmet Cross machine scanner measuring moisture and profile.

Size press
Warburton inclined size press with pneumatic loading of rolls, Sheehan rope feed.

After Drying section
After dryer section on A/F bearings, Thune felt guide, eleven cylinders, Sheehan rope feed. Under machine dry end pulper. Vib damper unit

Voith two roll calender stack with Kuster roll and hydraulic loading.

Cross machine scanner
Valmet IQ scanner measuring moisture, caliper, gsm, ash and profile. (1992).
IBS tail transfer tape turnover system.

Reel up

Black Clawson drum reel up for finished rolls of 2.4m dia..

Masson Scott UIA rewinder with unwind on fixed stand, water cooled drum brake with pneumatic operated brakes, tension control, taking a reel 2.4m dia., shaftless rewind dia. 1500mm. Rewinder has been rebuilt with twin motor drive and converted to hydraulic operation. Drive on left side. Reel ejector and lowering table.

Flat bed conveyor for waste paper feed from fork truck
BCI Pulper medium consistency 14ft, Volkes type rotor, batch operation, gearbox drive.
Perforated plate below rotor, Reject to a BCI Trashex unit and rejects are dumped to waste container, Trommel, Stainless chest for dirty stock
Two Voith S3HD cleaners with auto reject chambers.
Two 24P thick stock pressure screens running 4.5% with 1.8 /1.6mm holes. Rejects from the BCI 24P screens go to a Voith vibrating screen.
Accepts go to a tank returning to the pulper.
JCO-1 refiner with 355kw motor.
Palmac LD cleaners in three stages.
BCI 24 P machine screen unit with 1.8mm holes.
Refiner stock/feed chests: stainless with side entry agitators and Scann pumps.Waste water silo. Machine chests and re circulation system. Backwater feed chest. Eurocontrol Basis weight system

Paper Machine Line 2 (PM2)
This machine has a left hand drive and a sectional electric drive, speed 450m/min, dryers rated 30 psi, deckle at the reel 2200mm, DC. Speed is 415 to 200m/min, gsm 80 to 200. Production: 80 to 100t/day. Open gear drive with C.I and Polypemco gears.

Wire section

Knock down wire section with a Voith K1000 flowbox. Pressure operation, two driven evenor rolls.
Bertrams wire shake motion. Wire centres from the breast roll to the suction couch roll: 15m. Forming board in stainless with polyethylene blades, nine Johnsson foil units in stainless with polyethylene foils, two are vacuum foils, Steam shower over the stainless suction boxes, Thune automatic guide. Lump breaker roll prior to suction couch. Baggley blow off box for tail transfer.
Millspaugh Cantilever suction couch.

Press sections
First press: suction press with a Millspaugh suction roll and a plain top roll pneumatic loaded with a Sheehan rope feed.
Second press: plain press with pneumatic loading. Wet end pulper (located below presses)

Four sections with sectional electric drives. Dryers 1500mm dia. with bolted ends, first two cylinders with oscillating doctors. A/F bearings with central lubrication.
Twenty nine drying cylinders with bolted cylinder ends. Tail feeding by rope feed

Tandem twin soft nip with hydraulic loading. Alternative top and bottom kuster rolls.

Cross machine scanner
Valmet Paper IQ scanner measuring moisture, gsm and ash. (1992)

Reel up

Black Clawson horizontal 1500mm dia. reel up.

Masson Scott UIA rewinder with unwind on fixed unwind stands taking a reel dia. of 1.5m dia., water cooled drum brakes, pneumatic operation, tension control, rewind dia. 1500mm and shaftless rewind. Variable tension to the drums with a manual adjustment. Five slitters. RH Drive. Reel ejector and lowering table.
Vacuum system - Four Nash CL 2001 series pumps

Surplus Equipment
Press roll R/C for PM 1, Three Voith S3 or S4 HD cleaner bodies with reject chamber, Voith ATS 30/31 turbo separator length 1830mm, reject outlet 175mm dia. Two suction couch roll shells in bronze: width 2898 mm face and 2860mm drilled face and dia. 609mm. Couch roll shell, overall face width 3275mm, drilled face width 3135mm, overall dia. approximately 758mm, wall thickness approximately 36mm.Suction couch roll new, 3270mm face and drilled face 2950mm, dia. 762mm. Suction press roll r/c with bearings and housings for above roll position Drum thickeners: stainless steel drum and vat

Two BCI Pulper Model 3 gearboxes, Voith AP 20S/S pulper, Two Maule S/S screw presses, Reject press for final rejects, Esher Wyess 100 t/day dispersion system, Pre thickening by Reiss and Krima screw inclined presses. Krima horizontal press, feed press, heating screw and Esher Wyess dispersion unit. Heating unit and dispersion unit rated at 4/t/hr. System has a BCI drum thickener with couch roll, Lamort Verticell model 4 S/S De Ink cell, Two JCO-1 refiners ( one without fillings and b/housing) Jylhavaara Roll spitter: maximum roll dia. 1200mm, maximum reel handling length 1500mm. Lamort Diablo model 1 in stainless steel complete with motor. Esher Wyess RS1 reject sorter. Black Clawson 14 ft batch pulper operating at low consistency. Gearbox drive with a perforated plate. Two Krofta SPC22 units.

Effluent Plant
Primary treatment Kufferath Screw press, consisting of AKSE disc thickener ( primary dewatering ) into the screw press . Dryness of sludge approx 55-60% throughput of 2.5 tph bone dry

Simon-Hartley Klamp press. Dryness of sludge approximately 40%.thruput of 2.tph bone dry

Starch tower
External starch silo 55 ton capacity.

Buyers Premium
15% plus VAT



Contact information:
Derek Sadler, +44(0)7785 221 758 or
Charles Moses, +44 (0)7831 854 971 or

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Private Treaty Sale | 2 Paper Making Lines Private Treaty Sale | 2 Paper Making Lines
Private Treaty Sale | 2 Paper Making Lines Private Treaty Sale | 2 Paper Making Lines
Private Treaty Sale | 2 Paper Making Lines Private Treaty Sale | 2 Paper Making Lines

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