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In-Vessel Composting Facility

Location:United Kingdom

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The in-vessel composting facility is a modular system designed to be “catering waste compliant” as defi ned in the Animal By-Products Regulations (ABP Regulations) whilst providing maximum fl exibility to handle a range of source segregated feedstock materials, principally household kitchen (food) waste and green garden waste, to produce a quality compost. The designed annual throughput is 10,400 tonnes. This plant was commissioned in 2006 but was taken out of service in early 2007. It was re-started in early 2011 for a 6 month trial period.

Plant and Equipment
The facility comprises of an in-vessel composting unit (VCU - Vertical Composting Unit) and commences with an Orgamix Beta 14m3 top loading organic component milling and mixing machine, which has a self weighing system and is driven by an electro hydraulic power unit of 75 kW capacity. This drives two counter rotating augers and the material is discharged by way of an inclined belt conveyor feeding a surge hopper (mounted on fi rst inclined feed conveyor).

There are two inclined hydraulically driven enclosed steel framed belt feed conveyors (one to each bank of 4 VCU chambers).

The material is then fed into two banks of four vertical in vessel composting units. Each VCU is constructed of a thin stainless steel sheet lined 100mm sandwich insulation panel with external steel support framing. Capacity of each chamber is 25 m3 Each bank of four chambers has a top mounted hydraulically driven horizontal feed conveyor with hydraulic cylinder operated inlet doors to each chamber.

Under is a discharge conveyor with drag bars. Each chamber has a fl oor mounted roller system to enable removal of material to discharge conveyor, also wall mounted temperature probes and ultrasonic level sensor. The top of each chamber has a condensate collection and venting system complete with a condensate steam exhaust fan.

The second bank of four chambers discharges onto an inclined hydraulically driven enclosed steel framed belt feed conveyor which currently has no discharge collection system installed. There is a “Primary Fluid Power’’ hydraulic power pack which provides hydraulic fl uid to the VCU systems and conveyors. A steel framed access staircase with landings supports the plant.

All PLC, hydraulic and electrical controls are provided in a small raised control cabin adjoining the Orgamix unit. Control can be set for computer automatic or manual. The control software which is installed is not the latest version available.

The cabin and Orgamix are located in the reception building, all other plant is outside in the yard.

For further information contact:

Roger Whifield
Tel: +44 (0) 0758 325 5486

John Moore
Tel: + 44 (0) 777 151 5834
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