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2 x PET Bottle Filling Lines, 2 x PET Aseptic Cup Form, Fill And Seal Lines


Wrexham, Great Britain

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Superb Water and Juice Filling Lines, Form Fill and Seal Machines, Process Equipment, Labellers, Packers, Palletising, Packaging, Water and Sugar Silos, Water Treatment, Boilers, Air Compressors and General Factory Equipment.

Featured Items

SIDEL WATER FILLING LINE – Producing 500ml Bottles, 36,000 Bottles Per Hour
• Sidel ‘SBO 20’ Universal Combination Blow Moulder, 60 Head Filler, Rinse and Capper Bloc, Capacity 1 Litre (2008)
• Sidel ‘RollQUATTRO Evo’ Wraparound Roll-Fed Labeller (2017)
• Cermex ‘SAS VersaFilm 4S-FSDR’ Seamless Shrink Wrapper System (2006)
• Cermex ‘P432-20-NGPAL-INTSCA-CAINTER’ Palletiser (2008)

CBI FLEETWOOD WATER FILLING LINE – Producing 200ml - 500ml Bottles, 18,000 Bottles Per Hour
• CBI Fleetwood ’70-894’ Filler Bloc, 48-Head Filler, Rinser, Capper (2013)
• Heuft ‘Spectrum TX’ Inspection Unit (2014)
• Krones Canmatic ‘720-12’ Wrap Around labeller (1999)
• Zambelli ‘FFT-50’ Shrink Wrapper (2016)
• Baumer ‘E-334’ Shrink Wrapper (2005)
• ACMI ‘RASAR-P135-21H’ Palletiser/ ROBOPAC ‘HELIX HS 40’ Pallet

FINNAH FORM FILLING and SEALING LINE – Producing 185ml Cuplets For Flavoured Juice, 40,000 Per Hour
• Finnah ‘2608-001’Aseptic Cup Form, Fill and Seal Machine, 30CPM x 24 Cups per cycle (2001)

HASSIA FORM FILLING and SEALING LINE – Producing 85ml Aseptic Cuplets For Orange and Apple Juice, 18,000 Per Hour
• HASSIA ’TAS-18-42’ Aseptic Cup Form, Fill and Seal Machine

RANGE OF PROCESSING INCLUDING Syrup Blending, Heat Exchangers, Pasteurisers, Pumps Etc
• STAINLESS STEEL TANKS and SILOS x 28 UP TO 130,000 Litre
• MECO ‘BES-4500-MSS’ Vapor Compression Distillation System (2018 - UNUSED)
• MUSK Clean-In-Place System (2016)
• Envirogen Ultra Filtration Plant, Flow Rate 30m3 (2017)
• Optimum Filter Carbon Filter Tower x 2 (2010/2008)
• Waterchem and Pentair Water Softener Systems (2018)
• Barr & Wray ‘Triogen CV System’ Water Filtration System (2016)
• Certuss ‘Junior 80-400-TC Steam Generator (2017)
• Transtherm ‘TD90W’ Water Chiller (2017)
• Gardener Denver ‘WH29H3N-ACR’ High Pressure Air Compressor (2009)
• Kaeser ‘CSDX-137’ Enclosed Air Compressor (2010)
• HPC Enclosed Air Compressors x 7
• Dennis Baldwin ‘YSX-5000-29’ Steam Boiler, 5000kg p/h (2003)
• Range of Engineers Workshop Machinery

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